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About Us

HARC is a non-profit trade association originally formed in 1989 to promote the development and approval of halon alternatives. HARC serves as an information clearinghouse and a focal point for cooperation between government and industry on issues of importance to special hazard fire protection. HARC has facilitated and encouraged the involvement of the fire protection community in environmentally responsible activities, including:

  • Coordinated development of an Industry Code of Practice for the best use of recycled halon.

  • Coordinated development of a Voluntary Code of Practice (VCOP) in partnership with EPA, FEMA, FSSA, and NAFED for the reduction of emissions of HFC/PFC fire protection agents.

  • Developed a Recycling Code of Practice (RCOP) intended to provide basic guidelines for companies engaged in the recovery and recycling of halogenated clean agents in order to promote safe handling, prevent contamination, and minimize emissions.

  • Developed the HFC Emissions Estimating Program (HEEP) to estimate emissions of HFCs and PFCs from fire protection and to measure the effectiveness of the VCOP.

  • Sponsored major conferences on aviation fire safety and alternative technologies.

  • Coordinated a health panel evaluation of water mist fire suppression systems and a workshop on toxicology issues related to halocarbon replacements.

  • Assists in the management of the UNEP Halon Technical Options Committee (HTOC).


HARC is now in its 28th year and during that time has developed a unique, cooperative working relationship with government agencies concerned with ozone depletion and climate change.


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Ozone Layer & Halons
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